Medical Providers

Physician/Medical Director

A full-time staff physician and board certified in emergency medicine, our Medical Director is personally involved with each flight. With more than 20 years of career experience in air medical transport, this essential team leader guides and oversees the patient care before, during and after the flight.


We have licensed and certified paramedics on staff that facilitate the care, and ensure the safety of our patients during transport both to and from the hospital, and during air transport. They assist in the planning and preparation of each flight mission, and provide a crucial channel of communication between various interdisciplinary teams.


Our team of highly trained, licensed, and professional nurses provide in-flight medical attention to our patients. They are a key component in managing our patient care with compassion and vigilance, as they implement carefully designed plans of action for each patient.

Respiratory Therapists

Our respiratory therapists have been highly trained in providing critical care and cardio-pulmonary medicine to some of our most vulnerable patients. They work collectively with other team members to ensure that all of our patient’s medical needs are met.