Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Aero Medical Life Flights are stocked with medication, oxygen and life support for emergency and routine medical flights.

Med Flight Air Ambulance prepares for each medical flight to meet the needs of each patient.

Our crews ensure that the air ambulance is stocked with all the medication and life support equipment needed to provide routine or emergency medical services.

If you need an air life flight or a commercial stretcher trip, Med Flight customizes the mobile intensive care unit to optimize patient care.

Call 800-842-4431 and our air ambulance specialists will arrange customized medical air flight patient care.

Each tool in Med Flight’s arsenal is an industry champion, widely used by the best of the civilian and military medical flight services today.

All instruments have undergone rigorous field and engineering testing to prevent interference with aircraft systems and controls.

A partial list of equipment we carry includes:

  • FAA certified aircraft stretcher and patient support systems (Spectrum, Lifeport)
  • Phillips MRXT Vital Signs Monitor with
    • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring via continuous non-invasive sensor
    • Blood Pressure Monitoring via non-invasive automated BP cuff
    • Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring via continuous 3-lead electrodes
    • Invasive Pressure monitoring via arterial, cardiac, pulmonary, or intracranial sensors
    • End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Monitoring via continuous in-line sensorPulmonetics LTV 1200T
  • Transport Ventilator, capable of full-range of ventilatory functions (PEEP, PIP, CPAP, PSV, air/oxygen mixing, Neonate to Adult range of settings)
  • IVAC® Medsystem IIITM 3-channel intravenous medication pumps
  • Medtronic® demand pulse generator for translumenal cardiac pacing
  • Sccor portable suction unit
  • Advanced airway management equipment including oral / nasal intubation equipment, surgical airway supplies, suction, and medical oxygen
  • Advanced cardiac and trauma life support medications, intravenous fluids, IV/medication supplies
  • Controlled Substances / Narcotics (Versed®, Valium®, morphine, Fentanyl) to ensure patient comfort
  • Protocols supporting the use and monitoring of additional medications in accordance with patient needs.

Examples of additional equipment for specialized patient needs:

  • Neonatal isolette, equipment, and associated medications
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)
  • Impella
  • Toco Fetal Monitor
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
  • Vacuum Mattress
  • Traction splints
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Medical Air
Ambulance: 1-800-842-4431