Our Services

Med Flight Air Ambulance provides a complete range of air medical services from routine healthcare patient transport to aeromedical evacuations and life flights.


  • Organ Transplant Patients 
  • Specialized Maternal, Neonatal, and Pediatric transport capabilities
  • Critical Cardiac patients including Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) Therapy and Abiomed Impellas
  • Long-range National and International Flights with extensive flight experience to/from Mexico and Canada
  • Trauma/ Burn Transports
  • Critical Care Transports
  • Technologically advanced transports utilizing FAA approved Spectrum stretcher system, Air Shields Globetrotter Isolette, LTV 1200 Transport Ventilator, and Philips MRX monitors
  • Latest Cardiac monitoring technology with both invasive and noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring,12 lead EKG, external pacemaker, and Biphasic Defibrillation
  • Latest technology in transport ventilators which allows us multiple types of traditional and cutting edge ventilation strategies

Call our Operations Center at (800) 842-4431 to discuss your needs with a Flight Coordinator.

Basic Life Support

BLS is a level of care is staffed by two or more Air Medical Specialists capable of providing basic treatment as needed by the patient.

Advanced Life Support

ALS is a level of intensive care is staffed by two or more Air Medical Specialist, and functions as an airborne Mobile Intensive Care Unit.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit

We take the Intensive Care Unit to you. Our goal is to get you to the appropriate destination while being cared for by critically trained experienced professionals to fit the patients needs.

Critical Care and Specialty Care Transports

More intensive than Advanced Life Support. This level of in-transit medical care requires the presence of several specialized medical personnel and equipment arrays, depending upon the specific need of the patient.