Private Air Ambulance Personalized Medical Flights

Air Ambulance Transportation.
Across the Nation. Around the World.  800-842-4431

Med Flight Air Ambulance customizes the details for every type of medical flight:

  • Aeromedical Evacuations
  • Critical Care Air Ambulance
  • Medical Flights for Routine Healthcare
  • Organ Transports
  • Patient and Family Transport

Flight safety and experienced medical care are the keys to our full-service air medical transport. Med Flight Air Ambulance completes every mission with 4 life-saving steps:

  1. Request for Service
  2. Mission Activation
  3. Flight Tracking
  4. Mission Conculsion

If you need an air life flight or a commercial stretcher trip, Med Flight customizes the Mobile Intensive Care Unit to optimize patient care.

Call 800-842-4431 and our air ambulance specialists will arrange customized medical air flight patient care.

It all begins with your call to our 24 hour operations center at (800) 842-4431.

Step One: Request For Service

When a request for service arrives via Med Flight’s Operations Center in Albuquerque, a Flight Coordinator generates a mission plan (or choice of plans as the case warrants) based on the patient’s condition, distance of travel, number of passengers, and staffing required. If clients require a quote, we contact them with pricing for the trip and payment options. At this point, the trip is in our records for future activation

Step Two: Mission Activation

When a quote/mission plan is approved by a client, the flight team is notified, our Air Medical Specialists  receive a detailed medical report from the sending facility, and our Medical Director is consulted. When the mission is approved, the team is assembled and “launched”. In most cases our aircraft is airborne within 60 minutes of Mission Activation. Financial arrangements are made with the responsible party (insurance co., private pay source). Emergency transports do not require advance payment.

Step Three: Flight Tracking

During the flight, several coordinated events take place. The MFAA Operations Center ensures that ground ambulances are contracted and scheduled for the patient transport to/from the medical facility on either end of the trip; fuel stops are notified of our pending arrival; and the client is updated as to our evolving ETA’s. For international flights, customs and immigration services are prepared for our arrival at the airport. At each fuel stop our crew updates the Medical Director on the patient’s condition, changes and treatment. If needed, the medical crew can consult with the Medical Director during the flight as well.

Step Four: Mission Conclusion

Once the patient has been delivered, the crew cleans and prepares the plane for the next mission. The Medical Director reviews the case with the Air Medical Specialists, and the client is informed of the conclusion of the mission. Med Flight analyzes 100% of our missions through our Quality Improvement and Utilization Review process and provides performance feedback to all parties.

Advanced Telecommunications Monitor Your Flight

Med Flight utilizes advanced telecommunication links to monitor every flight in progress, reporting patient status to medical facilities and physicians, and relaying any needed information to Med Flight’s Medical Director. Aircraft are tracked via our real time computer link with FAA radar controllers.